Andy Wallis

Brighton & Hove Homepage Design

Building the brand with Museum as Muck

In 2021, I worked with the museum advocacy group Museum As Muck on building their first website.

As a new organisation, we needed to make it clear what the group did. We identified two key personas - a user looking to join the group, and another organisation looking to work with the group - and built the site around these users, with clear calls to action.

Members and Organisations blocks on the homepage.

The group already had a strong identity inspired by discount supermarket brands. I developed this into a digital identity and created a new set of reusable assets. I also looked at similar advocacy groups for inspiration.

Having already worked with high profile clients like the Museums Association and the British Museum, the group already had lots of great images of their events. I made these a prominent part of the designs.

A prototype for the homepage.

One of the calls to action was for new members to join. The sign up process involved collecting some sensitive information about the user. I worked with the group to design a form that was easy to use and GDPR compliant

This process has been a great success, with over 300 new members signing up since April 2021.

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Screens from the finished website.