Andy Wallis

Brighton & Hove Homepage Design

Supporting our residents with Brighton & Hove Adult Social Care

In 2021, we launched a new Adult Social Care hub, a single destination for information, advice and support for adult social care.

The adult social care team wanted to reduce the number of calls coming into their helpline. Many callers didn't know where to start their journey, so they called the council. To reduce these calls, the service wanted an online hub, bringing together information, directories, events and self-serve online forms.

I noticed that many of the features were already part of our website and we could resuse these components for the hub. To help visualise this solution, I created a click-through prototype.

My Adult Social Care "portal" prototype.

A new feature is the “dynamic page”. It uses our form system to collect information about the user, and then presents a bespoke dynamic page based on a tagging system. It can return information, directory listings or events, with calls to action for revelant self-service forms.

For example, many users thought they, or someone they knew, needed to go into a care home. This dynamic page allows a range of alternative options to be presented - for example, support from a local community group.

A dynamic page on the Adult Social Care hub.

We launched an alpha earlier this year and rapidly iterated the design based on user feedback. We now on the beta phase and feedback from the public has been positive.

The design of this hub has been so well received by users, services and our content team that we have made it into a reusable model that has been used for Youth Employment and Fostering.

Visit the website →

The "hub" model used for Youth Employment and Fostering.